SecureLinker Philip Jönsson book signing at F5 Agility 2018

Philip is one of only six people in Sweden who can call themselves a F5 Certified Security Solution Expert

Philip Jönsson, SecureLink Employee and co-author of the well regarded F5 101 and 201 study guides, is scheduled to attend F5 Networks Americas Agility Conference in Boston the week of August 13th. In honor of his attendance, F5 has purchased 75 copies of his book (50, 101; 25, 201) which Philip will sign and hand out during the event. We asked Philip about his journey to this point and about his book:

Can you tell us a little about yourself?

“I’m 29 years old and I live in Malmo City together with my wife and two children, a 3-year-old son and a 5-month-old daughter. I started learning about and using computers when I was 8 years old. My mom bought a “Home PC” through her job which had a built-in program that taught you how Windows 95 and the Office package worked. I also have a deep interest in video games and during my teens I actually played in the Swedish Championship of Battlefield 1942 in a clan ranked in the top 10 in Sweden.”

How did your journey start at SecureLink, and what is your current role?

“I started working at SecureLink in January 2013 in the Technical Assistance Center department as a Network and Security Technician. This department has now changed its name to Network Operating Center (NOC) and is responsible for operating and supporting all of SecureLink’s customers that have a support contract with us. Last year I transitioned over to the Professional Services department where I assist customers with migrations, configuring their existing environments and designing new ones.”

How did you become interested in F5?

“When I first started at SecureLink I was sent to a numerous of courses in order to get a smooth start. One of those courses was an internal F5 course. During the course I got really interested in the way the BIG-IP handled the traffic in comparison to a traditional firewall. After the course, my team-manager wanted me to write F5’s new 101 certification exam.”

How long have you been studying F5 and their products?

“Since I started working at SecureLink. I still read a bunch of articles every week and watch the Youtube videos produced by F5’s DevCentral team.”

You have co-authored two F5 study guides, covering two certification exams, what is the story behind that?

“When I first started to study for the 101 exam, the exam itself was so new they did not have any type of written study material. They had only published a blue-print, specifying what topics you need to know in order to pass the exam. This was very frustrating. So, I decided to go through each blue-print objective, google for an existing article and then add the material to a PDF file. Of course, I was clear that this was not my own material and I documented all of the sources. This became the first and freely available study guide.

This study guide was so well received that F5 contacted me and encouraged me to write my own material. That is when I got in contact with Steven Iveson and we started working on the first 101 study guide.”

What kind of response have the readers given you?

“The response from both books has been incredible. When checking the reviews for the 101 they are very positive, and people are saying they only used our material to pass the exam. We have received thank you mails and appraisals on LinkedIn.

The 201 is still pretty new but we have emails and messages from thankful readers, stating that they passed because of our book. Some have even said it to be an invaluable asset in order to pass the exam and calling it a masterpiece.”

What kind of response has F5 given you? Have they supported you?

“To be clear, mine and Steven’s books are not official materials and are not sponsored by F5. But they have been supporting us as much as they can. For instance, we have received explicit rights that allow us to use their F5 Certified Logo and all of their trademarks used in the books. Internally at F5, people are referring to us when people are looking for certification study material. Our material has been mentioned in DevCentral articles written by F5 employees and when we released the 201 book, the DevCentral twitter account tweeted about it. We are constantly finding new ways to expand our cooperation.

As mentioned in the introduction, F5 themselves bought 75 copies of our book which they want me to sign and hand-out during their biggest conference in Boston.”

What does this book-signing mean to you?

“Of course, this means a lot. F5 is building an entire event based upon my attendance and the books I have co-authored. That is a serious recognition from them and it feels quite overwhelming. “

How does it feel now?

“When I first created the 101 study guide I never imagined anything like this would happen. I went in with the intent of creating study material I could use myself in order to pass the exam that I simply shared to help others. Creating a book is not an easy task, especially when you have to write it on your second language. Since we have written these books entirely on our spare time, we’ve been forced to juggle work, family and everyday life in order to squeeze out as much time we could get, sometimes resulting in very few hours of sleep to get things done. It has not been easy but the end results and the appraisals from readers and F5 have been mind-blowing. I’m loss for words.. The hard work paid off tenfold.”

Not only have you co-authored these books, but over the summer you achieved a new F5 certification. Can you tell us about that?

”That’s correct. It was the last certification I had before reaching the top of the certification chain. The name of the certification is F5 Certified Security Solution Expert and it includes all of F5 products and the questions revolve around how you combine these products to form solutions. It also contains very detailed technical questions.

By successfully passing this exam, I’m now one out of 6 Swedes and approximately one out of 300 in the entire world who possess this certification degree. So that is really exciting.”

Philip’s and F5’s book-signing event will be held at the DevCentrals Solution Expo. Here are the exact details of the event:

Date: Wednesday 8/15

Time: 5:30pm – 6:30pm

Location: DevCentral booth in the Solutions Expo

For more details on how you can win your own signed copy, be sure to visit the certification area at F5 Agility 2018 in Boston.

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