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Are you planning to get certified on F5 Networks products or just curious to learn more?

Back in 2015, my co-writer Steven Iveson and I released our book covering the F5 Networks 101 exam. The book covers topics such as the OSI reference model, Switching & Routing, F5 Solutions, Load Balancing, Security and Application Delivery Platforms which are all part of the exam blueprint. No prior knowledge of F5 Networks and their platform is assumed.

Recently we released our second book, which covers the F5 Networks 201 TMOS Administration Exam. This book focuses on teaching the student the basics of the BIG-IP platform and gradually building their knowledge, including topics like initial setup, configuration, maintenance and troubleshooting. Once the student has this understanding, we start covering the blueprint on which the exam is built on.

These books are designed to be self-paced and contain all necessary material to pass the exam. Most of the chapters are wrapped up with a summary and review section, highlighting important topics and questions to make sure the student has understood what was presented in the chapter. In the 201 TMOS Administration book we also include instructions on how to build your own F5 lab and several lab exercises to give you the hands-on experience you need to pass the exam.

The books are not officially endorsed by F5 Networks, but we have an agreement between us and they’re doing their best to support us. For instance, F5 Networks have given us the rights to use their trademarks and the F5 Certified Logo. We are also looking into new ways of expanding our cooperation.

You might be wondering, why is a SecureLink employee writing books for the F5 Networks certification exams?

It all started about 5 years ago when I started working at SecureLink in Sweden, which back then was named Addpro. One of the first courses I attended was an internal F5 course, after which my manager wanted me to go write the 101 exam.

The exam at that time was about half a year old and the lack of study material was self-evident. There were a few online blogs that had links to different URLs covering the exam blueprint. But I wanted a PDF file that had it all, in one single document. That is when I figured, if it doesn’t exist, why not create it? This became the first freely available F5 study guide book.

At first, I only released it internally at SecureLink because I was not sure how F5 would react to it. So, a colleague of mine just happened to have it up on his screen when he was attending an APM course led by an F5 Certified Trainer from F5. He was thrilled about the study guide and asked if he could send it to his boss. That boss then sent it to his boss and it spread like a wildfire, reaching the F5 office in Seattle. That was when Ken Salchow, responsible for the certification program, first reached out to me, asking if I could write my own material.

And, that is how Steven and I teamed up to create the books present today. Worth noting is that these books have been created with our own means, in our spare time.

If you are interested in getting your own copies, please visit https://www.f5books.eu.

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