Laddar Evenemang
Detta evenemang har redan ägt rum.

Businesses are exposed to attacks across their networks, mobile deployments, web apps and cloud data storehouses. These attack vectors rapidly change as new employees, partners, contractors and technologies are deployed to meet the needs of your business.

Managing your risk of a breach starts by identifying all the places you are vulnerable to attack and systematically reducing your exposure. We have, together with Kenna Security, built a Vulnerability Management service that helps you:

  • Provide a risk-based view by enriching the scan data with real-time threat intelligence
  • Prioritise the most critical vulnerabilities according to a more broad risk-scoring methodology than simple CVSS or asset priority
  • Set KPI’s and track your patch management process and remediation efforts per department, asset group or other flexible data visualisation


  • Registration – Welcome to SecureLink
  • How are vulnerabilities and their exploits used in an attack?
  • Presentation and demo- Kenna Security
  • SecurePrevent Vulnerability Management Service


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